Press and Commitments

If you are a representative of an organization in the industry who wants to commit to the Beyond The Statement: Tech Framework, please complete this interest form. Color Of Change will act as an accountability partner to support Roadmap adopters and to ensure appropriate steps are taken to implement the Roadmap so that real, measurable progress is made.

Pledge of Commitment

While it’s critical that companies, brands, and celebrities are seeing the importance in publicly affirming their stance against racism, much more needs to be done than issuing a statement to change the material conditions for Black people. Corporations routinely jump from diversity and inclusion messaging to underpaying Black workers, discriminating against Black customers, and harming Black users and community members. Corporations must interrogate their policies and practices and move beyond words to action.

Our partnership with Airbnb on this project has led to tangible policy developments and other measurable steps to reduce discrimination .

The #StopHateForProfit campaign became the largest organized advertiser boycott in history, with over 1,000 organizations involved.

This victory belongs to the millions of Color Of Change members, who were persistent in their demands of the social network to take forceful action.

Thirteen major corporations suspended donations to the 147 Members of Congress who directly incited the insurrection by voting to overturn the results of the election.

Airbnb went beyond the statement to support Black athlete activists by directly sponsoring Olympian and activist Gwen Berry.

Levi’s laid off 3900 people, while paying shareholders $35 million. We demanded they rehire their team and not repay subsequent dividends.